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What is a Patient Participation Group (PPG)?

It’s the patients’ voice at their GP surgery (General Practice) - it keeps you informed of changes at your surgery and allows you to comment.

It’s an exciting opportunity to contribute to the life of your GP Surgery.




Welcome back to Inspire PPG (patient participation group)

There has been very little activity over the last year because of Covid but we have an exciting new project to put before you.


The NHS is struggling on many fronts and Inspire PPG has begun a project to support a very important area of care. This is to try and increase the amount of expert care that can be provided at home for the frail and elderly and in end of life situations. 


Below you will find more information and be able to sign up to this movement if you are interested. You will receive regular updates on how the funds are growing and be involved in the decision making as to what these funds should buy.


We are going to try and extend this plan throughout North Derbyshire and hope that very significant monies to support this care from Ashgate Hospice and the frailty team will be raised.


Ashgate Hospice and the Chesterfield and Dronfield frailty team are very enthusiastic and are very hopeful that through this project expert home care can be increased for people.

Inspire patients join with Ashgate Hospice to deliver more care at home for the frail and elderly and in ‘end of life’ situations

What is the problem 

Most medical conditions that finally end our lives progress gradually with crises at certain times. 

The most common cause of death in the UK is now dementia but other ‘long term conditions’ are close behind - heart disease, cancers and stroke. 

Most of us would like to have most of our care at home and be given the best chance to die in our place of choice. Unfortunately for many this is not how things work out.

Most of us would like to be able to say how we would like our care to be managed and hope that all involved in our care will try to follow our wishes. 

Sadly, during a crisis moment there are often not enough community resources to support someone safely at home, the ambulance is called and hospital admission follows. 

For the frail and elderly an admission brings many problems. Mobility reduces quickly and the possibility of returning home diminishes. 

Many people do not die in their preferred place. 

Can we change things?

The most important consultation for people in this stage of their life is to sit with a professional who is expert in these situations and will do their best to arrange a package of care that best suits the patient. Best of all is when that professional sits with you in your own home to chat. This is the sort of help we want to provide more of. 

Many crises and hospital admissions can be avoided if there is a good line of communication between patient and carers and more support added before things worsen too much.


A proposal for Chesterfield and Dronfield people

The patient groups [the PPG’s] of Chesterfield and Dronfield have been discussing the possibilities with Ashgate Hospice, Walton Hospital and the frailty team for Chesterfield and Dronfield. 

It has been agreed to begin a fundraising drive of North Derbyshire people to provide more resources that can offer expert support for people within their homes.

The money raised will be placed with Ashgate Hospice and the groups involved will discuss with the people of N. Derbyshire to decide just what are the best resources to buy. 

If you would like to join our group and support the project, simply send an e mail to to be kept informed of developments together with future copies of the newsletter email.

If you would like to contribute to the fundraising, please visit and search for the Derbyshire Patients page. Every donation will provide additional care to patients with a life limiting illness and their families across North Derbyshire. Make a difference today.

On 7 November 2019 patients of the 3 Inspire Health General Practices - Avenue House, Hasland Medical Centre & Hasland Surgery met to form a new PPG - INSPIRE HEALTH PPG. This PPG will be responsible for driving the major projects that have been set as goals for the coming year. 

Avenue House PPG will continue and the 2 Hasland Practices’ PPG’s will join to form one group. Each will continue to be involved in their local surgeries. The new ‘Inspire Health’ PPG will be virtual in that there will be a minimum of meetings and email will be the main communication. A regular newsletter will be written and made available to all PPG members. This will keep patients informed of changes within the 3 Practices and progress within the action areas for 2020.

The planned action areas are: 

1 Improve communication with patients, to include a newsletter, PPG website, TV screens in the surgery reception areas, and patients’ use of online services.

2 Achieve full 'dementia friendly’ accreditation for the 3 Practices.

3 Ensure all patients are able to access quality health care, with special regard for the disadvantaged and people with a disability.

4 Diabetes management.  

Join In

The group needs people to help with these projects. If you are passionate about positive change, we would love to hear from you. All ages, backgrounds and views are welcome. We believe that everyone has skills, knowledge or experience that can contribute towards patient care. 

If you would like to join Inspire Health PPG and be kept informed of developments together with future copies of Inspire newsletter e-mail “Keep Me Informed”  to


Click on the links below to download our documents:

Inspire Terms of Reference

Inspire PPG Action Plan

Inspire PPG News Letter July 2020