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See below for other services available via the online form.

 Our medical/GP appointment requests can be made from 8am Monday-Friday, unless we have reached capacity early.


To Order a Repeat Prescription

Please go to the following website:


Contact the Chesterfield Medicines Order Line on

01246 588860.


For a Doctor or Advanced Practitioner Appointment

  • Fill in the 'Medical Request' form using the box above from 8am online or call us
  • The 'Medical Request' option will not be available if we have reached capacity 
  • Your request is looked at by a GP who will look into your notes (triaged) and will ask the admin team to book you an appropriate appointment 
  • You will receive a message or telephone call on the same day from the admin team or GP with an appointment
  • As your request form has been 'triaged', should you need to change the appointment, please call the surgery and our team will be able to book you another appointment as per the doctors instructions 

If the 'Medical Request' option is not available, but you feel you need urgent attention, please call the surgery

For a Nurse Appointment or Medication Review

  • Fill in the 'Admin Query' form using the box above from 8am online, or ring the surgery. 
  • Select 'Something Else' and fill in the details with what you require, for example: Annual Diabetic Health Check.
  • Ensure to leave details of days/dates in the next 6 weeks that you would not be able to attend face to face or accept an appointment over the telephone, eg: I cannot attend before 10am on weekdays.
  • Your request will be read by the admin team who will book an appropriate appointment or ask the nurses to book this for you.
  • You will receive contact via text or telephone within 48 hours (usually sooner) 

Admin queries may not be actioned after 5pm. Please call the surgery if you cannot wait until the next working day. 


Other Permitted Uses of the Admin Queries Form

  • Fill in the 'Admin Query' option from 8am online, or ring the surgery from 8am; for any of the following.
  • To cancel an appointment (select something else).
  • A doctors Letter or update on a patient report.
  • A repeat sick note.
  • Questions about a referral or an update of a referral. 
  • Test results or booking in for a blood test or other procedure. 
  • A request for electronic blood pressure readings to be sent to you.
  • Change of address or contact number (our team will need to call you back).
  • Something else not mentioned above. 

 Admin queries may not be actioned after 5pm. Please call the surgery if you cannot wait until the next working day. 


What options are available when the service is full?

For acute or new symptoms such as coughs, colds, sore throats, tummy troubles, aches, pains, bites and stings etc, you can contact your local pharmacy for free clinical advice. Visit the following website for more information - 

For minor injuries such as cuts/lacerations, bruises, dislocations, eye injury, burns/scalds or minor head injury, visit a minor injuries unit. These are walk-in centres and you are usually seen faster than at Accident & Emergency. You can find out where to visit or if your injury is suitable by visiting - 

For emergencies - You can visit the Accident & Emergency department for emergencies. At the Accident & Emergency department there is also usually a GP streaming unit available for conditions that would usually be seen by a GP. 

For health advice - NHS 111 have a system which will ask you questions relating to your problem and help you contact another provider if necessary. Visit - or call 111 

For Eye problems - such as red eyes, uncomfortable or irritation, discharge, recent changes to your eyesight, ingrowing lashes, something in your eye - you can visit a MECs Eye Service Provide for a free referral -  Visit to find a suitable provider 

For ear problems - such as discharge, eax, uncomfortability, you can contact Peak Pharmacy saltergate or visit places like Chesterfield Hearing Practice. 

For sexual health services - please visit the following website

Evening, Weekend and Early morning appointments

Inspire Practices have joined with other practices around the Chesterfield and Dronfield area to provide a HUB (out of hours) service.

This is especially useful for patients who may work during our regular hours and require an appointment in the evening or at a weekend. 

Please note, you will still need to fill in an electronic form for a HUB appointment.

When filling in the request form for an appointment, if you are able to travel and would prefer to be seen or spoken to in the evening or at the weekend, please ask for a HUB appointment or an evening or weekend appointment. 

A GP, nurse, or healthcare assistant may be from another practice, but will be able to see your notes and deliver the information to your regular practice (providing that our practice has your consent for another healthcare provider to see your GP record). If you are not sure if you do, please ask your call handler, or reception staff to help.


Avenue House Surgery is one of the 'HUB' services. Avenue House Surgery have:

  • Tuesday Evening GP, Blood Test, Annual Review and Nurse appointments. From 6pm-8pm
  • Wednesday Evening Nurse appointments. From 6pm-8pm. 
  • Saturday Morning GP, Blood Test, Annual Review and Nurse appointments. From 8am-12pm


Between the other practices within Chesterfield and Dronfield, there are more appointments available from 7am most days, and from 6pm in evenings. There are also some practices who hold clinics on Sundays. If you travel and would like to book in for one of these appointments, please let us know during your request. 


How to use the submission form (AccuRx)

Please note that the below video is a generic video on how to use the online form. Please follow our methods at the top of this page for which areas to fill in for your request. Thank you 


This electronic appointment request system is called ACCURX. 


For more information about AccuRx, please follow this link:

For more information about their data processing, please follow this link:


Home Visits

If you require a home visit, please contact the practice by telephone from 8am. 

You may only request a home visit if you are housebound or are too ill to visit the practice. Your GP will only visit you at home if they think that your medical condition requires it and will also decide how urgently a visit is needed. Please bear this in mind and be prepared to provide suitable details to enable the doctor to schedule house calls

You can also be visited at home by a community nurse if you are referred by your GP. You should also be visited at home by a health visitor if you have recently had a baby or if you are newly registered with a GP and have a child under five years.


Do you have Hayfever symptoms?

Click here to see a self-help video! 

Blue Pattern

Sick Note/Fit Certificates

Click here for more information. 

Teaching and Training

Inspire Health is a 'Training Practice' which means we often have doctors placed in our surgery who are working under supervision of the GPs.

Sometimes during training video equipment may be used to record the actual consultation. Patient permission should always be given before recording can take place and if you refuse your wishes will be respected. Your decision will have no bearing on future care.

The Practice is also involved in placements for students. We have visiting Medical, Nursing, Physician Associate and Pharmacist students. The students will 'shadow' various members of the surgery team and your consent may be asked for them to be present during your consultation. We will respect your privacy and wishes if you prefer the students not to be present.

Some of the final year medical students also see patients. The medical student would normally see a patient for 20 minutes and take a history from the patient. Then a GP would join them for a further 10 minute appointment for the 'consultation'.  If you are happy to be more involved in the teaching of medical students in this way or as part of a panel of 'expert patients' please let one of the team know.



Disclaimer for messages sent / received from the practice

Please note, all messages are saved into your medical record. Photos will only be saved into the record where relevant and appropriate to display, others will be viewed by the clinician and then discarded. For information about the systems security, please see the data processing policy featured above the how to use video.